Zwirn The Game


When was the last time you played with a length of 'Zwirn' (the German word for twine)? Centuries ago? Well, now's your chance!

Zwirn is a challenging puzzle game. The first four tutorial levels show you how to play, and the remaining 21 levels will help you to become a 'Zwirn' expert!

How do you play? It's very simple! All you have to do is guide the twine with your finger, touching the dots scattered across the screen, and then connect its end to an exit. There are a number of pins available that you can place anywhere on the screen to give your 'Zwirn' the shape required.

It all sounds very simple doesn't it? But don't worry; the solutions aren't as easy as you might think. And you can find more puzzle games at Friv.

Found a solution? Just before the next level is moved into view press the Lock- and Home-Button on your device at the same time to take a photo. The photo will be saved to your Photos. In the Photos app tap the button in the lower left corner which depicts an arrow pointing out of a frame. Then select 'Email Photo', type in a nickname and send it to We will publish your solution as soon as possible.

Are you stuck in a level? Try shaking your device. No idea? Then you can resort to the solutions other players have submitted. In the grid to the left click on a level to view them.


Indeed, the direction that you approach the next puzzle affects where the starting rope will be. This approach is rather novel, giving the game a wonderful exploratory vibe...

This is really cool logic game! One of the best actually. It will be a good addition to our skill and Sports Heads Football. We also can recommend our Peppa pig games and —inderella video.

If you like odd puzzle games, Zwirn is worth a look. The gameplay mechanic of stretching the string works well, and the art style is cool...

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